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Monies Raised

Monies Raised

PR Committee Events


50/50 –Money collected at CCAR events is split between the winner and funds for Backpack Buddies which provides food for needy children during weekends and summers.



Relay for Life Basket Raffle –This committee seeks gift certificates, actual donations and anything suitable for a Gift Basket (there will be three baskets) to raffle off at the May membership meeting. The funds from this raffle are given to Relay For Life.



PR/Community Service with Scholarship –We work with the Scholarship Committee on two occasions. One is attending a June Marlins Baseball Game wearing our Realtor/Business Partner shirts and sitting as a group to support Scholarship’s presentation between innings of the Debbie Coleman Memorial Scholarship and the Graduate Degree Scholarship with large fake checks to the winners of the awards.

The second event we help the Scholarship Committee put on is the Wine Tasting and Dinner given at Celebration Cottage owned by the Island Grille and catered by them. Tickets are $100 each and you are encouraged to help sell tickets – WHICH ARE NOT LIMITED TO REALTORS. Those of us who do not buy tickets to this Event, serve as wait staff in order to keep more money in the Scholarship Fund. There is also a 50/50 during this event as well as a Cash Bar.



Take A Kid Fishing – We will be signing up to help with this event at our June meeting  which takes place in July. Many other organizations participate in this with some children and adults going out on the Crystal Coast Lady or Captain Stacy boats. Some participate from docks. There is a cookout after the event and children come from all over the State.



Stuff The Bus – This event has been going on for quite a while. At one time all supplies were given out at the Board Office. We are now joined with the Parkview Baptist Church. Realtors man donation tables at Staples to collect supplies on Friday – Sunday for two-hour slots in August.  Distribution is at Parkview Baptist later in August. Bookbags and school supplies are given to needy children in Carteret County.



Veterans Day Parade – We cue up about 10AM at an assigned spot within blocks of the 17th street beginning. We use a donated convertible carrying any Veteran who will participate. Realtors carry the military flags behind our CCAR banner. Those walking with us with free hands give out little flags to children. We have a fabulous assortment of candy courtesy to the AB Food Lion to throw to the children.


Bell Ringing –Realtors take one day a week during the four weeks of Salvation Army Bell Ringing at Lowes in MHC and Lowes in Cape Carteret.


Holiday Baskets – We collect IN DATE food goods at many locations including RE Offices and banks and libraries for both Thanksgiving and Christmas. Food is picked up prior to our November meeting to be sorted and put into laundry baskets based on the size of the family the basket will be given to. We gave 15 baskets at Thanksgiving to Military and chosen Carteret County families. Jerry Furguson generously gave us 15 turkeys at Thanksgiving. Two days prior to pick up volunteers go to Lowes to buy rolls and pies to add to the baskets. The same thing happens at Christmas but we give 20 baskets – ten Military and 10 Carteret County. Realty World furnished the turkeys and Bucky and Teresa Smith gave 20 hams. When we have leftover donations – both foods and dollars – we donate that to Martha’s Mission.


Toys For Tots – Boxes for toy donation is given in the Fall for real estate offices in Carteret County and at the CCAR office. These donations are brought to the December luncheon. Bluewater has vans to transfer the donations to a location where the Military pick up our toys.


The PR (Public Relations) Committee gives back to the community each year by doing various of activites that include both our REALTOR members and our Business Partners!