Safety Exchange Parklet

CCAR is Helping to Enhance Morehead City with the Creation of a Safety Exchange Parklet


The Carteret County Association of Realtors® has received a $5500 Placemaking grant from the National Association of Realtors® to help make Morehead City a better place to live by transforming an unused space into vibrant public space for the community to gather and enjoy. 

The grant is intended to help Realtor Associations partner with others to plan, organize, implement and maintain Lighter, Quicker, Cheaper placemaking projects in their communities

The Carteret County will use the funds to create a  Saftey Exchange Parklet located at the Morehead City Police Deparment.  The purpose of this park is to have a safe place for domestic violence identified families to exchange the children for weekend visitations; to have a safe zone to exchange internet purchases; to have a safe place for Realtors to meet new potential clients; and to have a public park that will be open to everyone downtown, employees of the city, and visitors to the area and to the police station.  This type safe environment is very needed in today's society. Providing a safe and public park. There will be designated parking spaces marked for the 'safe exchange zone'.  They will partner with the Morehead City Police Department  on this project.

Realtors® live, work and volunteer in their communities and take immense pride in working to improve them.  Placemaking can help foster healthier, more social and economically viable communities. It creates places where people feel a strong stake in their neighborhoods and are committed to making things better. This grant will allow us to address areas in our community that are in need of enhancement and revitalization and create a place where friends and neighbors can come together.

Placemaking grants are awarded to local and state Realtor® associations to help them and their members create new public spaces and destinations in a community, like turning a parking spot into a people spot (parklet) or a vacant lot into a pocket park or garden. Realtor® associations and their Realtor® members are actively engaged in the community and know the neighborhoods and the properties that would benefit most from these placemaking projects.